If you held a survey whether online or on the street and asked business owners and managers of small and medium sized companies as well as large international corporations and asked them which is the latest device they have incorporated to their business, chances are that a high percentage of them would reply in a chorus: “A card printer, of course!”

Yes, more and more companies have discovered and are at present enjoying the multiple benefits of a card printer. They are now in full control of their card printing process, can give their identification badges, gift cards or loyalty cards the design and characteristics they wish and, to make things even best, they can provide them with the security feature the company requires to keep up with its heighten security policy.

However, not many business owners and managers have given a second thought to the idea of acquiring a card laminator. In fact, most of them would not even know what a wonderful addition it can be to the ordinary office equipment you may find.

Yes, believe it or not, a card laminator provides multiple uses that are largely overseen. Not to mention that it can greatly help to save money on certain costs.

Let us start by explaining what a card laminator does. Simply explained, it applies a thick plastic cover over the surface of a card by using a machine that uses high temperature in the process. The laminate can have different thicknesses and, in addition, it is also possible to add a hologram onto the laminated surface in order to improve the security of the card and make it more difficult to be copied or tampered.

Most companies use plastic or PVC cards for their employees, but use plain paper cards on card holders for visitors, guests and temporary workers. Buying card holders on a regular basis can become rather expensive at the end of the month and, in addition, it unfortunately damages the public image of your company as it may imply that you use “second quality cards” for some of your workers or that you do not consider your guests as important as your employees.